About Steve

After many years in the food service industry, I decided to change gears and head in a different direction.
Owned and operated my own sandwich shop and Catering Businesses for over 25 years . I have recently left my Catering Business and started my Marketing business to help small businesses with their marketing online.

Having many years of experience in what it takes to run a small business, I decided to apply the things I’ve learned over the years(marketing and advertising) to help other small businesses.

I develop websites and marketing strategies to build up your customer base which will create more business and give a competitive edge. I will also automate your marketing efforts which will free up your valuable time.

After all the years in the Catering / Food service industry, I have a respect for the small business owner and the time / budget restraints that come with your career.

With some very Unique Marketing Tactics , we can get your business to be the talk of the town in your Niche. Marketing doesn’t need to be a mystery when you know what your clients needs are….
What do your customers want from you? Whether it’s a smiling face in customer service or overdelivering when it comes to your products quality, the key is making your customers talk about you to others like you are family(in a good way!)!
Check out the video for the details…


In my welcome video I told you I’d share a little incident that happened to me :