Local Business Search Marketing

 How is Your Small Business Doing Anyway?

  The Bottom Line is this :

 “Get Your Website Noticed and Grow Your Business ….It’s That Simple”

      No Matter what kind of business you have these Factors are a must :

  • The need for new customers coming to you on a regular basis
  • Repeat business from existing customers
  • New qualified prospects contacting you

This is not rocket science but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Well fortunately I have the tools and experience to make it happen for you.

Local Search Marketing

Using locally focused internet marketing tools is a really effective way to grow your business fast.

Get this….. 74% of people use online local search in google to find a Local Business like yours

              ….. 82% of them follow up with an in store visit or phone call for your  services

If you are not using the web as part of your marketing efforts….then you need to and now is the time to start. Here are some compelling reasons why you should be using local search marketing as your #1 marketing effort.

  • Most shoppers for all different products and services search the internet first to find who they want to buy from.
  • People like to buy from people. We like going to places and dealing with people we trust.

This is where smart internet marketing can help the small business stand out and DOMINATE their competition. Using specific techniques such as VIDEO, ARTICLE MARKETING, PODCASTS and others we can get your business to the top of Google and other search engines.

I use specific proven internet marketing techniques to get local customers to Find, Meet, Trust and do Business with you….It’s a wonderful process I have to say!


Are You Ready ?

 Tired of spending your money on Yellow Page Ads and Coupon Mailers that don’t get the results they used to? Do you know why the results aren’t there? … Remember our stats from earlier … It’s because 74% of people are looking for YOU online now! Not that long ago the other marketing methods worked fine… NOT ANYMORE !

 Strategic Service : VIDEO

Short and to the point videos to get the connection with your customers or potential customers. People like to deal with people they know and trust. Video is an excellent way for your customers to get to know you before they visit your shop. Video is also liked by Google and the rest.

 Strategic Service : Page 1 Domination

First page “listings” in local search results. That’s right I said listings (plural). Just one listing can give your business a huge boost. When people research a product or service you’ll be there with multiple “listings” showing your  potential customer your expertise, knowlege and standing in the local business community.

By Dominating I mean this :

  1. Web Video 
  2. Articles 
  3. Blog  
  4. Social Media      
  5. Social Bookmarks   

All of the above Point to  YOUR WEBSITE

                With all these systems working the results are Fantastic!!

 Strategic Service : Local Web Listings Directories

 You want to take advantage of as many listing directories as possible. The Big 3 are a must but there are plenty more. These directories are equal to FREE Advertisement and more effective than some of the things you’re probably doing right now! Remember this is FREE  Advertisement and I can show you how to put your business in the directories or I’ll do it for you!

 Strategic Service : Website Assessment

 It’s amazing how many small businesses today do not have a website. Not having a website is like not having a phone number these days. Unfortunately some of the businesses that do have websites don’t really know if the site is effective or not and don’t know what to do about it. For some folks, they get the site up and don’t really use it as a tool to generate business. A website is your door opener to your future customers when they do a search and find you.

 If your site’s ok we’ll just focus on getting people there. If your website needs a tweak or two, we’ll do that to make it more compatible to the search engines and for lead generation.

If you don’t have a website, I can design an effective site to meet your needs and get you in front of potential customers as well as being search engine friendly.

The websites I develop can either be maintained by you or me. It’s your decision whether you have the time and knowledge to handle taking care of updates and changes. If you decide for a full service plan I’ll make it very reasonable and cost effective for your business and hands off for you, plus you’ll be amazed at the results!

 Strategic Service : Consulting

 If you really don’t know what direction to go in as far as internet marketing goes, then we’ll have a Complimentary phone assessment. Once we determine your needs and budget, I’ll suggest a plan that would be good for you and your business. I realize when it’s all said and done that your budget is first and foremost and will never try to push you to a plan that you’re not comfortable with. I know the issues that small business owners face and will work with you to make this decision the best business decision you’ve ever made.

It really comes down to getting the funnel of activity as mentioned in PAGE 1 DOMINATION, to point your potential customers to your business website and then it’s up to you to make them happy they found you!!


Local Search Marketing Plans & Pricing

 LSM  Signature Plan—- This plan includes Dominating 1 market with all of the above services. Plan assumes you already have a   website.  This is best for those who want to dominate one particular city metro area. 


Initial Set up Fee $700

$350 Monthly Fee


LSM Signature Silver Plan —- This plan expands your radius to TWO  neighboring markets along with your main market. A total of three times the local exposure. Plan assumes you already have a website. This plan is great for a company that has the ability to service more than the immediate local community.


 Initial Set up Fee  $1000

 $700 per month

LSM Signature Gold Plan —- This plan expands your radius even more for Six neighboring markets along with your main market. A total of SEVEN times the local exposure in seven cities local search listings. Plan assumes you already have a website. This plan is excellent for a company expanding in a service oriented business (HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, Landscaping, etc). Remember top listings in 7 different metro areas…nice!

Pricing : Call for Details on a special bonus available for Gold plan members


 Initial Set up Fee  $1500 and $1500 per month

 All Plans Include the Services Below for each Market

All pricing includes : Video(2) per month posted to youtube and your blog , Articles(2) per month on whatever subjects you would like me to promote, Blog set up and hosted and updated twice per week(weekly or monthly  specials) links directly to your site or sends customer to a special page , Social media sites(facebook and twitter) set up and updated  or you the client may update the social media sites, blog posts and articles submitted to social bookmark site weekly.

If you need a Website I’ll take care of it.

Website Pricing —– Up to Six page site, Hosting  with email marketing autoresponder built in. Build your email list and send out specials to your list, send out a monthly newsletter etc. Call for details. Some restrictions.

 Initial fee $1000         $60  per month for hosting/autoresponder/maintenance


Go over to my  local business marketing page and learn more about me and give me a buzz if I can help you in any way.