Sometime we need to step away!

Ever have a time in your life when you were all caught up in a bunch of crap and didn’t have a moment to think straight?

We probably all have. Usually it happens like this…
Your career or business may be having some issues and you get home and find out your basement is leaking after a bad rain storm(ruined a carpet and starting to smell) , your son has some real issues at school and it all came to a head today and you need to go to school with him in the morning to talk to the principal. Oh yeah , you and your wife have been having arguments about money and the stress has put a real damper on your relationship.

All of us have had days similar maybe, but the key is how to sort through the mess without snapping.

You need to take a minute and realize this is life not the end of life. Make it a time to reunite with your wife to solve a few things together rather than stewing about how all this stuff is happening.

Step Away alone or with your partner and take a breath. Positive thinking does help, certainly better than negative thinking.
Access , Attack , Accomplish !