Small Business Internet Marketing / Coaching  Training Package

  There are tons of ways to start a business online. Some cost money, some don’t. Some are easier to implement than others, and some will come more naturally to you than others.

If you have time to learn Internet Marketing, We can provide training on how Internet marketing works. We hold your hand and guide you through a series of courses where you will begin, and are required to, TAKE ACTION.

While you are still green, we start to show you how personalized online marketing really is. We let you choose the technique you want to use for making money. There are many different ways to earn profits online. We give you the freedom to choose which works best for you from our extensive set of training outlining various marketing strategies.

You choose what you want to sell online. This can be anything and we show you exactly where to find the hottest selling products and niches.
You choose how you want to promote using free or paid techniques. There are great advantages to both that we clearly outline while you get started.

You choose when and where you want to work. You might choose to work 5 hours per day, or 5 hours per week, from your office, your house, your local coffee shop, or while you are on holiday. The flexibility of our training allows you to work at your very own pace and as long as you have an Internet connection, you are set.

You get a TOP quality Internet business education at Wealthy Affiliate University that will help unleash your potential to succeed online.
The problem with most training online is that they don’t stay current. Or, they teach you tricky marketing strategies that only work for a few months…until the search engines change things up and the techniques stop working. At WAU we teach proven strategies that have worked since 2002, and when new techniques pop-up we keep you up to date and informed on how to benefit from them.

We offer training in techniques and strategies that not only work today, but will work tomorrow and years to come.
Wealthy Affiliate University has been training people since 2005. The reason that we are still around is because we have helped people succeed. It’s really that simple. We have members who have been with us for over 5 years, but they are only part of WAU because they have succeeded and continue to benefit from our teachings.
We have single handily created a community that includes some of the top Internet Marketers in the world!
Yes, the world!

Market Your Offline Business with all the Tactics Internet Marketers Use

The thing that differs about Wealthy Affiliate University is that we NEVER try to sell you on anything else. Our service provides you with everything you need to start a website, to start a business, to get training, and to get that support if you ever feel stuck in the mud.

• One-stop-Internet marketing resource
• No need to purchase anything else
• We give you a blueprint on how to get started
• Coaching is included
• Unlimited websites included
• Forum (Best on the net)
• Tools (Worth $1000’s purchased separately)
• Unlimited domain web space
• Access to unlimited updates (over 50 per year at WAU)
Plus Specialized Training in…

Article Marketing

Pay-per-click Marketing

Email Marketing

Niche Research

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine marketing

Website Development

Web Hosting

Here is a List of Things that You Will Accomplish within Your Very First Month at Wealthy Affiliate University!

Upon logging into the members only area, you will be taken through an overview of the program and where you should get started. Not everyone is at the same level when they join WA, so we outline exactly where you should get started and how to utilize the program so that you squeeze out every ounce of benefit from your time with us.
During your very first day you will introduce yourself to the TOP Internet marketing community of its kind in the world. You will have the ability to contact some of the most successful Internet marketing names in the business, and brush shoulders with some of the newest faces too.
Within the first week at Wealthy Affiliate University you will be taught how Internet marketing works through a series of tutorials, courses, and video’s. You will even get your very OWN website up and running in your first 7 days of joining.

Pretty cool right?

In Your Very First Month at WA!

Day 1 Start your training, connect with some of the biggest names in Internet marketing
Day 2 Already taking action, completing tasks, and learning the top marketing techniques online

Day 7 Have a website that is ready to sell any product in the world

Day 8 Creating Content for your site that will allow you to connect with real people (buyers)

Day 9 Writing articles that will gain your website exposure in the Search Engines

Day 14 Your site is ranked in the search engines, starting to get traffic

Day 21 Continue to build on your site, getting more traffic and in a position to earn consistent sales

Day 28 Your site is “valuable”, it is getting traffic, has content and could potentially be sold or built

We stand behind our offering at Wealthy Affiliate University. That is why we want to make a few promises to you if you decide to join. Here is what we will guarantee you get:

You will have a website up and running within the first week. You can build unlimited sites on our hosting and not have to pay an extra dime.
We will be there to support you. It’s true, we offer 1-on-1 support to any member that needs it. You can contact both of us personally within Wealthy Affiliate and we will respond every time.

In the past 5 years, we have responded to EVERY private message we have received.
We will offer you everything we say we do within our sales page. Unlike many companies out there, we stay true to our offering. In fact, we offer so much that we can’t put it all on our website! We want to over-deliver and will continue doing so!
You will be able to communicate with 1,000’s of like-minded marketers.

We will continue to expand our offering without charging you more. As the Internet Evolves, so will we. In fact, our efforts continue to be keeping ahead of the curve. We are not going anywhere. We have been in the business of helping others like yourself since 2005 and we plan on still being in this business 10 years from now.

This option allows you to learn how to market your business online with the best tools and strategies available. The website hosting that is included will save you money over the years.

Join Wealthy Affiliate University Now to start your Internet Marketing Education

Wealthy Affiliate University Course  with Coaching to Speed up Learning Curve

This option is available to those who are serious about learning how to manage all there online marketing with some consultation at the beginning. You’ll need to dedicate 3-4 hours or more per day to get on the fast track.
This is not for those who want a hands off approach.

Cost to implement your Online Training Package :

Monthly Wealthy Affiliate Membership:      $47   WA Membership

Monthly Email Autoreponder                          $19    Aweber

Consulting Package (10 hours)                        $500

Consulting package  will be set up in 10 hour increments at the beginning. As education and training progresses hourly sessions (minimum 2 hours) may be needed until you are comfortable with management of your online campaigns.
If you think you would like to spend the time up front and learn these Internet Marketing Strategies, we’ll work together to get you educated. Just like any educational experience, the process will start off slow and then before you know it you’ll be off on your own with some consultation from time to time.

 Again this system is designed for those who know they can dedicate 3-4 hours per day especially in the beginning to get thing up and running with my help. Ultimately this is the way to go for someone who likes a challenge and is willing to learn new things. In the future you’ll have multiple campaigns up and running and the only marketing expenses you’ll have is your time and about $120 month.

For those who want the hands off approach and don’t have the time to learn Internet Marketing but want the results mentioned above, I’ll be glad to offer you a FREE consultation to design a website and get your business up and running.

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