Internet Marketing Nashua NH – Getting Started Guide 5

This article will touch on ways to generate traffic. If you
recall, part 1 of this series was about finding long tail
keywords keywords related to your niche. Using the methods
outlined there, you would have a list of such keywords. Now is
the time to use them. Also, if you had done paid traffic
generation methods in the last part (part 4) of this series, you
would also know which keywords made you money. These are also
the keywords to use in today’s traffic generation methods.

This article will focus on the free traffic generation methods.
Everyone likes free stuff but as mentioned in the last article,
there are pros and cons to free traffic generation methods. The
most important and crucial part about using free traffic
generation methods is getting the right keywords. If you target
wrong keywords, you are dead in the water even before starting.
It’s that important.

So please review part 1 of this series to make sure you get your
keywords right. In essence, right (or good) keywords are those
which fulfill these criteria:

1. They are used by people (searchers in search engines) who
want to buy something in your niche. Obviously, a keyword phrase
with the word ‘free’ in it is not what you want to target.

2. They are precise in meaning. That’s why Internet Marketers
go for long tail keywords (those that have at least three words
in the phrase). Long tail keywords are very precise. You know
exactly what the searcher is looking for and therefore can
provide it to him.

3. They must be words that are connected to a compelling need.
Everyone has needs but not every need is compelling. Compelling
needs are those which have to do with relieving pain or enhancing
pleasure. For example, ‘get rid of head lice’ is a good keyword
phrase that is about a compelling need.

4. They must have a high search count and low SERP count
(defined in part 1). How high and how low is a matter of choice.
Obviously, the higher the search count and the lower the SERP
count, the better the keyword.

5. Page 1 of Google for the keyword phrase must not have too
many exact matches or be full of websites with a high page rank
(PR). There are 10 results on page 1. If a majority of these
are websites with exact matches in their descriptions or titles,
that is a bad sign. Likewise, if a majority of the page 1
websites have a PR of 4 or higher, that’s a bad sign, too.

You can find out the page rank of any webpage by using Firefox’s
page rank plugin.

Once you have a list of keywords that fulfill these 5 criteria,
then it is possible to generate some massive traffic (depending
on the niche). And the good thing is that all the traffic is

The next article will focus on the actual free traffic generation
methods to use.

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