Small Business Marketing

If you own a small business and want to promote your business online, you either need to get some help with the details or promote your business online yourself. What ever your situation is, I can provide the tools and tutorials you will need to succeed!

For the last 25 years I have worked in the Food Service/Restaurant industry including
owning and operating my own sandwich shops and Catering Business .
Having achieved my goals in this arena I have decided to sell my Catering business and start a Marketing Service based on what I have learned in the Food Service/Restaurant Industry. It is my goal to help small businesses with their marketing endeavors both on and offline. Through 25 years of hands on effort
I have gained extensive experience in what marketing works and doesn’t work for a small business. In my new role my goal is to help small businesses avoid the pitfalls I faced. I would like to apply the things I learned over the years(marketing and advertising) to help other small businesses succeed.

My background includes development of websites and marketing strategies to assist you in building up your customer base and creating a competitive edge. In this day and age a business without a website is doomed. A website which is awkward and hard to navigate can deter rather than gain customers. I will design an easy to navigate website optimized correctly with information your customers want to see. Combine this with other proven offline strategies and automated marketing tactics and you have a recipe for success.

I have Local Search Marketing Plans which can be modified to handle all or just a portion of your marketing needs. In addition I can integrate Social Media sites (facebook ,twitter) with your website along with using Youtube videos to increase traffic to your site which increases your business’ visability leading to a competitive edge and more business… plain and simple.

My 25 years of owning and operating my Catering business provides me with a respect
for the small business owner and the time/budget restraints that come with your career, Ive been there! With some very Unique Marketing Tactics , I can get your business to be the talk of the town in your Niche. Marketing doesn’t need to be a mystery when you understand what your clients needs are and understand what your strengths are.

In my Catering business my specialty was Homemade Italian Food.
I catered all kinds of parties and created all kinds of menus over the years but
I was recognized for my plentiful Italian Buffets……… My Niche! Are you getting
Hungry as I am? As long as I stayed focused on my Niche, I was the best I could be! Over time you can add products and services to accent your niche. Don’t make the mistake that many businesses do and try to be the jack of all trades and the master of none.
Be the Master of your Niche.

What do your customers want from you? The obvious things—Great customer service,
Quality Product and Service. How do you stand out from your competition?
Whether it’s a smiling face in customer service or over delivering when
it comes to your products quality, the key is making your customers talk about you
and your business like your one of the family(in a good way)!

Need A Website ?

Need A Marketing Plan ?

Need Some Proven Techniques ?

Need Your Business to be More Competitive ?

If  YES  to any of these questions  head over to see what  Local Search Marketing can do for your Business !

Send me an Email and I’ll be glad to give you a free consultation to see where
we can tweak your business to make it more profitable!




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