Making An Online Living

Working online has a difficult set of challenges. The cause of
not making the amount of money desired is often boiled down to a
few crucial mistakes.

One of the most important items necessary to succeed online is
the ability to know what is desired and the way to accomplish
that goal. There are many ways to make money online some of
which are noted below:

1. Market e-books – There are both self-published and those
e-books where rights are purchased.

2. Sell software – Most times this will be purchased with
rights, but software can also be created by others. Expect to pay
a lot for software creation.

3. Start a membership Website – Keeping customers coming back
for more content is paramount. Giving a good volume of items
help retain customers and create that residual income.

4. Creating a blog, Facebook pages, or Twitter pages – Ads and
marketing products on these websites as recommendations will make
money. Adding your own ideas and words to the pages will let
your customers and friends get to know you better.

5. Creating your own e-book or product – This is a best way to
create income, but can also take the most time. The product can
be created by others and many people online do just that. Just
be sure the wording and phrases reflect the tone necessary for
sales. Also, there should be no spelling or grammatical errors
as this will simply show a lack of professionalism.

6. After you have a couple of your own products, an affiliate
program can be started. Remember to offer enough money,
generally 50-75%, to entice sales from the affiliates. Having a
good affiliate software package is especially important in this
situation. There are several programs on the market, such as
, Pay Spree  and many others.

Doing a search on will enable comparisons.

7. Starting a service such as web design, hosting, or problem
solving for others is also a great way to gain income. It might
be surprising that you know so much more than a new person coming
online. Everyone is grateful to have help with some of the
technical aspects of marketing online.

8. Working in a local defined market is becoming very lucrative
recently. The best feature of this is that your “local market
can be anywhere in the country due to the Internet. Helping
businesses achieve more customers through quick response
applications on their smart phones are growing by leaps and
bounds. Picking up local customers in high traffic and high
turnover types of businesses such as car dealers, restaurants,
beauty shops, car repair shops, and retailers is very easy right
now. All business owners will be willing to pay to get more
customers as they see it as a win-win situation. Advertising in
the yellow pages and elsewhere is too expensive these days and
does not produce results like the mobile ads.

These are just a few of the ways to make money online. The key
is to focus on one situation until money is made consistently and
then move onto doing more of the same, or adding to the business
with a new dynamic profit source. Working online requires time,
work and effort. It also requires the skill to know yourself and
what will keep your attention.

Doing the right things consistently will result in an online
business of which to be proud. Having an online business will
never create boredom or lack excitement. Continue to give to
others what they want and need to live their dreams and your
business will flourish by leaps and bounds.

Small Business Online Marketing


A Mentor of mine Jason Drohn just sent me  this Mashable post that I thought
you’d like:
It’s all about the state of affairs online for small
Two takeaways…
Stats are awesome for talking to clients.  
So, the fact that 13% of respondents are planning
on upping their social media marketing budgets is
nice to have in your back pocket…
Also, this little post is going to give you a roadmap of
things you can talk to clients about…  
Websites.  Direct mail.  Email marketing.  
Social media.
All hot button topics for the coming year.

Building Your Own Online Business

Building your own online business can and probably will have all the same trials and tribulations that building any kind of business will have. Before you even start you need to figure out whether you’re going to sell other peoples products (Affiliate Marketing) or sell a product or products that you create. An example would be those of you who make crafts or some kind of physical goods. An example of affiliate marketing would be either digital products such as software to be downloaded or ebooks etc. Also selling for Amazon as an affiliate etc.

Once you decide the direction to go then you need to set up your plan.
In either situation you should get your own:
—– Website/Blogsite
—– Hosting
—– Autoresponder
—– Learn some SEO
—– Learn Link Strategy
—– Learn how to write articles
—– Learn PPC
Affiliate Networks such as Click Bank are great for downloadable products.
There are many products to promote there. Another would be Commision Junction.
If you have your own product you’ll need to set up a site to sell with shopping cart capabilities.

The key to all of this is being able to get traffic to your site once you’re all set up.
Learning some SEO(search engine optimization) will go along way in getting traffic to
your site. Feel free to sign up for “GEEK FREE SEO” if you would like a copy.

All the training you need to Build Your Own Online Business can be found here. It’s an investment in your business.

Head on over to my Business Building Page for a Video Series I will be doing on just that !
I will be updating that page regularly with new videos as soon as I get them done.

Online Business Opportunity???

How many Online Business Opportunities have you checked out only to be disappointed and even more confused about online business. Honestly, I’m one of those who opted in to alot of lists and tried many “opportunities” only to be kicking myself in the you know what for getting caught in the “get rich quick net”.

You know that net that is full of the people who want some magic potion to make them an internet marketer. You know that net that sucks you in with “you can be making $500 dollars a day by next week”.

You know the net that scoops you up with “all you need is 10 minutes a day to push a few buttons and you’ll be able to quit you day job” HA HA Jokes on you (and me for awhile)! Doing business online starts with education. Then once you know enough not to get burnt by the next “great offer”, then you can start to accumulate some products to help with your marketing efforts.

Education is first and foremost in the process. Once you have a good foundation, you start taking action on some of the things you have learned. Whether you want to sell your own product online, be an affiliate marketer, be a web developer, learn PPC, Learn email marketing, Learn how to drive traffic to a website, Learn how search engines work, Whatever it is in the area of online business you really should start with education.

If you want to seriously make money online then you need to realize it’s going to take effort on your part along with patience. If you have alot of time on your hands there are many ways to find information free to help with the learning process. If you don’t have that much time I’ll introduce you to an online university that will teach you all you need to know to succeed.

Click here to check out what I believe to be the best place online to teach you how to start a profitable online business. What is an education worth if it can give you all you need to succeed? I will have many free resources available on this site but if you are on the fast track to success check out the training that I am continually accessing to futher my knowlege! Click Here!